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Golf Injuries

GolferGolf seems like a gentle innocuous sport .Yet among professional players injuries happen. On average they sustain two injuries a year and loose five weeks of playing time. The golf swing involves a significant rotator torque of the body with a rather unusual range of motion at very high speeds.

Injuries to the lower back and elbow are common problems in the professional and amateur player.As in most professional sports the competitive demands placed on the professional require continuous practice which often produces overuse syndromes.Repetetive practice swings are the most common mechanism of injury between professional and amateurs.

The golf swing has evolved from a rhythmic movement to one that generates increased power by using a larger shoulder turn and less hip turn.It leaves the back vulnerable at the top of the swing and during hyperextension in down swing and follow through.In golf the spine plays an important role in accomplishing the golf swing.Four types of forces are imposed on the lower back during the golf swing. Use of proper body and swing mechanics and appropriate warm up and stretching prior to plays will all help to lessen injury risk.

Low back Injuries

Lower back injuries in golfOverall the poor swing mechanisms result in larger spinal loads with corresponding back pain in the golfing population.This is usually localized to the lumbar are.It is associated with spinal spasms and may begin gradually with periods of exacerbation.

Improper swing techniques and physical fitness are keys to avoid back pain.Strenght, flexibility,and endurance play a part.Prevention must include trunk strengthening exercises.

Golf Wrist & hand Injuries

Golf Wrist & hand Injuries Most injuries happen in the leading hand. During the golf swing of a right handed golf the left wrist undergoes more deviation than the right wris t.Overuse or poor wrist control during the swing can cause excessive movement leading to injury.


Golf Elbow Injuries

Golf Elbow InjuriesMedial epicondylitis is an overuse syndrome resulting from the musculotendinous origins of the flexor mass.Swing technique errors such as hitting from the top can create stress on the elbow and lead to overload injury.


Golf shoulder Injuries

Golf shoulder Injuries Shoulder pain is less common in golf than in overhead sports but overuse injuries are still frequently seen in the lead arm.Rotator cuff impairment will often be the cause of the shoulder pain in golfers from middle age onwards.Younger golfers may describe pain and in stability during the golf swing.


Although golf is becoming popular but there is lack of reliable prevention and therapeutic regimes for golfers.

The importance of core training and finding your powerhouse-abdominals ,buttocks,lower back and hips and strengthening them to support you through the most complicated movements is important in the Game of golf. 

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