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Yoga andMeditation At Uday Tours holidaying is just not about hopping places and for that matter Golf is just not about hitting a ball holidaying and golf play is all about a complete relaxation of the mind and body - "rejuvenation". Bring the mind and body into a mutual state of well-being, balance, ease and vibrant alertness. In this pursuit we build our Golf vacation in India around a life time experience with the help of our trained golfers and yoga teachers.

The word yoga means "union." Yoga is a discipline involving breathing techniques and postures called asanas (A-san-as), a Sanskrit word that literally means, "to be in a particular position.

How many times have you begun the golf season with very high scores, short drives and plenty of aches and pains, lack of concentration? If this happens more than you'd like, why not do something different? Flexibility, strength, balance, core conditioning and endurance are the physical components required to achieve peak golf performance. Concentration, state of well-being, balance, ease and vibrant alertness are the mind connection. In this pursuit of "Yoga for Golf", Uday Tours and Travel can arrange training programs for yoga and meditation techniques designed to benefit all levels of your golf game. Trainers who knows golf…

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